I would love to meet with you to discuss the work I have done over the years. Such as Spinstak Growth Agency, Accuform, Cub Cadet, Mrs. Grout, Genevieve Digital, Premiere Labs, WIC, West Coast Breastfeeding Task Force, Century 21: Alliance Realty, and more.

Creative Web Stores: I worked on photographing products as well as social media advertisements for three eCommerce sites for three years. I created Social Media Campaigns and product photography for each site. What I had fun doing was the challenge of creating unique pieces as well as creating 360 photographs of each product. Each of the bellow pieces were campaigns created to advertise specials, blog posts, or new products released. You can see some of my product photography with in the featured campaigns.





The Show Palace: I re-created the logos for each show at the show palace that went into print and on their social media advertisements. I also worked with them in creating their Playbills, as well as worked first hand in negotiating and ordering the playbills with the printer. As well as I photographed the shows, staged and live performances for all their PR Publications and Advertisements.



Tree Care by Robert Miller: I handled re-branding for this client. Creating a new logo, typography, new color theme, and a mini style guide.  I re-created their old logo and turned it into a mascot for them. I also handle their PR & Commercial Photography which is used in print as well as online and social media advertising. I have been working with them for two years now. Also helping them with some of their printed mailers. millerstreecare.com


Mediagistic: Bellow is a logo I created for their new AdFluence Program. A Planet Fitness Infographic I created for a Tampa based Planet fitness client. A monthly mailer I created for M&B, a Trane Flyer that Trane passes out to their dealers for their yearly contest, and Mechanical is a monthly ad campaign I worked on plus photographed the images for the employees and their mascot. While working with Mediagistic I worked on an array of projects. Creating Icons and headers for an internal employee site, Designed 20+ page Marketing Promotion Books for Trane. Outdoor Billboards for Cub Cadet and Carrier Dealers. I gained knowledge and experience in outdoor, print, social media, logo design, branding, typography, color theory, and more.




Photography: I have over 20 years experience as a professional photographer. Here you can see a variety of samples from product photography, PR photography, commercial photography, corporate head shots, as well as special event photography. Above you can see a sample of my product photography within the social media advertisements I created at Creative Web Stores. If you would like to see more, I worked with Accuform on-location and in-studio creating photos with and without models for their advertisements and catalogs. As a photographer I have worked with many different types of clients. I was the leader and director of each shoot. I gained experience from running my own successful business for eight years. Here I gained experience in sales, marketing, managing clients, managing employees, art directing, even accounting.


Product Photography: This is proto type created on a 3D Printer and photographed in studio and as an application shot. (Created for Accuform at Spinstak Growth Agency)